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Case Study – Prokasro Electric Cutting Rig

Case Study – Prokasro Electric Cutting Rig

Which Claret Civil Engineering business are you? 

IMR WR Alliance – Anglian Water

Which department is this referring to? 

Claret Lining Division

Who is the supplier?

ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH

What is the equipment? 

The KASRO Working Robots have been developed for rehabilitation work inside sewer pipes. Damage diagnosis and underground repairs can be carried out for different pipe diameters from DN130 up to DN800 and even different profiles. Excavation work, unnecessary traffic obstructions and noise are avoided.

Various tool attachments permit the sewer robots to perform milling, grinding, filling, moulding and injection operations. Mainly obstacles such as misplaced pipe connectors, roots, encrustation and deposits, as well as opening connections after short pipe or full-length lining installations.

The single components are controlled by an electric supply cable, and the robots are driven and controlled by a competent operator at the workstation inside the multi-function bespoke built cutting van. 

What was the reason behind this purchase of innovative equipment?

Claret’s ambitions are to expand their lining capabilities and bring in technology that is innovative and utilises low carbon operations. Prokasro are the world leaders for designing and building robotic equipment to work in sewer pipes that are robust, long lasting, and innovative. 

We engaged with Simon Little who is Prokasro’s international business development manager advise us on the best equipment that matched our low carbon ambitions but still offering the same robustness we expect from Prokasro Robots. Simon suggested the Kasro Electric System which has a capability of working in sewers from DN130 up to DN800. This system can be powered by rechargeable batteries – this was the perfect fit Claret and purchased this equipment from Germany. 

We the engaged with MiniCam and asked if they would consider the build of our Robotic Cutting facility and also to install a new mainline CCTV System within a new 12 tonne van to accommodate all of the equipment but also a state-of-the-art welfare arrangement. 

They stepped up to the challenge and between Prokasro & MiniCam, they have built and developed a unique/bespoke robotic cutting vehicle that is second to none in the UK. We are proud to offer this facility to anyone requiring its services at very competitive rates.