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Through our @one Alliance Framework, we were engaged to deliver the civil engineering element of the Sludge Treatment Centre Resilience and Enhancement scheme. The existing works required considerable refurbishment to return it to the required standards; therefore, a completely new process was to be installed to meet both current and future sludge processing regulations.

Minimal disruption to operations

Ensured minimum conflict with the operation of the existing works.

'Services Highway' Design

To negate the need for pipework and cables to be installed in an area which was already heavily congested with underground services, a pipe “highway” was constructed for the feed pipework and power to the various elements of the process.

Scheme Design Flexibility

A collaborative approach to the work meant that efficiencies were recognised at an early stage, ensuring that amendments to the design could be incorporated into the final design of the scheme.


The scheme included RC Bases to:

  • A new Thickener Building
  • Odour Control Units
  • Pumps
  • Gas Holder
  • Pipe supports
  • Buffer tank
  • Import Tank

Along with all the other ancillary works such as pipework, drainage, ductwork, chambers, access roads and hard and soft landscaping.


The construction of the new facility had to be carried out within the area of the existing works. This, therefore, involved considerable attention being paid to existing underground services and adjacent structures, requiring close coordination to ensure any disruption to the current process was kept to a minimum.


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